About Me

My name is Matthew Pretorius, and I am a poker enthusiast. This started when I was a very young child and would spend time at my father’s pub in Dublin, Paddy’s. It was directly across the street from one of the busiest casinos, so I was able to overhear conversations about the various poker players and the strategies they used while playing at the tables. Visit this page to find out which casinos in 2020 have the best paying slot machines.

When I got home from school, I would sit with my father, who worked behind the bar, at one of the tables in the back of the restaurant. I used to read and do my homework. My father had no idea that I was paying far more attention to the exploits of gamblers than to the lessons that I was supposed to be learning.

I would notice well-known poker players entering the bar at regular intervals. Some people knew who they were, while others did not. They frequently expressed their joy at being in Dublin rather than Las Vegas or Macau for the time being, and how relieved they were to be away from those places. When my father was in the back storeroom, I would go over to the table and start asking them questions about how to play poker, why they chose to come to Dublin, and what some of their favourite places around the world were.

When my father returned and saw me harassing the other poker players, he yanked me back to my table so I could finish my studies.

These shenanigans sparked a passion for poker in me, and I haven’t been able to stop playing the game since. It all began with some poker games I hosted with a few of my close friends. As soon as I was old enough, I went to the casino directly across the street from Paddy’s and sat at one of the poker tables. It was one of the most exhilarating sensations I’ve ever had, and it still makes my heart beat a little faster whenever I sit down at a poker table. When the other players realised I was Paddy’s son, they took me under their wing and taught me some of the more nuanced strategies and techniques of the game.

After hearing so many of them talk about New York and Las Vegas, I realised I needed to fly to the United States if I was serious about checking out the poker scene in these cities. Despite my affection for both cities, New York is my favourite because it has so much to offer. As online gambling has grown in popularity, I am now able to play a wide range of poker games on a variety of different websites.

Despite the fact that I live in Dublin, I spend as much time as possible away from home. This website was created to allow me to share my passion for poker with people all over the world. I offer reviews of online poker rooms, commentary on various locations that host poker games, and general advice to poker players of all skill levels who want to improve their game. It’s my way of paying it forward, just as the poker players who frequented my father’s bar helped me improve by teaching me new strategies and techniques.